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Main Features

  • !help - You guessed it!

  • !wiki <search term> - Gives you a short summary of a Wikipedia article you searched for!

  • !references "<search>" <range> - This command sends you the references used in a Wikipedia article. Example: !sources "GitHub" 1-5 more help needed? -> Write !sources in a channel

  • !vote - Vote for the bot on the Discord Bot list sites where it is listed on.


  • !config or !systemctl - Customize the bots' behaviour for your server (currently you can only change the prefix)


  • !wiki - English

  • !wiki-de - German

  • !wiki-es - Spanish

  • !wiki-fr - French

  • !wiki-ru - Russian

  • !wiki-sl - Slovenian

  • !wiki-tr - Turkish

  • !wiki-yi - Yiddish

  • Bot related commands

    • !info - Gives you some information about the bot.


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