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August 06, 2021 v1.12.0 + v1.13.0

Content of !help and !info updated + Bot Stats work again!

This changelog entry contains all the changes of the updates of v1.12.0 and v1.13.0

Fixes and Improvements

  • The content of the embed after using !help and !info changed. They now include links to this new website

  • For quite a while, the stats on did not update. This was now fixed with v1.13.0

I also want to use this opportunity to thank everyone for reaching the 🎉 1 MILLION USERS 🎉 milestone!

Thank you again for supporting me! 🥳

July 15, 2021 v1.11.2

Decreasing memory usage by using "Hybrid Sharding"

This changelog entry contains all the changes of the update to v1.11.2

Fixes and Improvements

  • The bot now uses discord-hybrid-sharding from @meister03. Hybrid Sharding combines the Sharding Manager and Internal Sharding leading to saving server resources, especially RAM usage, and allowing to cluster Shards.

  • Switched from lukechilds/keyv-sqlite to themaxdavitt/keyv-sqlite from @themaxdavitt.

  • Now logging less information about command executions and logging CPU & RAM usage

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